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The Harder-than-Expected Journey

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

I did not think it would be this difficult or take this long. But I just had a really nice write-up from a blogger, and knowing that someone else who didn't have to like my stories just because they know me is a huge feeling of relief.

In June of 2021, my family was quarantined at home with Covid, and I randomly searched for Kids Books on the app store. I found quite a few apps, but none of them were that good. One of the apps looked good but the stories were just boring and maybe oddly translated. Others were just retellings of famous fairy tales. None of them were very intriguing and I realized that maybe I could make something better. I already had the Rainbow Stone and The Froggy, the Witch, and the Hero written on Word docs.....from 2012.

For some reason, and I can't even remember why, I wrote these stories for my 4-/5- year old nieces while I was working in South Korea. (I am amazed at how much free time I must've had before I had a family...haha)

And so...i wrote two more stories quickly - Leader of the Park and Amazon Adventure, and in August, 2021, I began looking online for illustrators who could bring these stories to life...and looking for an app developer...and creating a publishing company...and so many things. I assumed the app would be done by November, 2021, and not January, 2023......

And's released, and it turns out there are millions of apps on the app store. Who knew?!? So now I need to figure out how to rank up in the rankings so that when others search for Children Books, I'll be in the top 5 as opposed to number...337?!?? Siiiiigh.. it's about getting downloads and having people use the app...and getting reviews. But since they can't find the app on the app store unless they scroll down 33 pages, most of these people will have to find me through blogs like the one above, or me asking people, or twiiter...instgram...? I don't know.

But do believe in these kinds of stories, and I do believe that this app can do well. If I have to grind to make it happen, then I'll grind. Because this 100% for my family and what would a father not do to make sure his family is secure...?

I have 7 other stories ready to go. Hopefully the revenue comes in sooner rather than later so I can have the joy of seeing these stories also come to life.

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