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We love reading. We love books. We love reading books with our children.


Reading is the foundation for almost every skill that you will need to succeed in the future.


But the question we asked ourselves was - How can we make reading better?


Too many children play too many games these days. Devices are ubiquitous and our children will be exposed to them. Even my 5-month old daughter looks away from whatever book I am showing her if the TV is nearby.


Answer #1 - Use our devices to read books.


Answer #2 - Make books feel like they're playing a game.


Answer #3 - Have reading be an active experience, where children/readers get to decide what happens in the story and where the story opposed to just listening to a story be told to them.


Based on Choose Your Own Adventure books that we read as children, Story Eggs are interactive books where students choose where the story goes. Most of the stories have a lesson to impart to our readers, such as the importance of family, or what it means to be a good leader. 


We love writing these stories. We LOVE finding illustrators who can bring these stories to life. And then we ask our team of translators to make these stories available in the local language in 132 different countries around the world.


Our company is Constellation Publishing. But who we really are is Story Eggs - Stories meant to inspire children's desire to read more and more stories.


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